Your gorgeousness is killing me.


Your gorgeousness is killing me.

I am so excited to see this on Friday guys.



oh my god

You will never convince me that Chris colfer doesn’t run this Twitter. Never.


everytime i get a message i sit here and whisper:

“oh god what did i do this time…”

: A wonderful story: 4 'boyfriends' 


Once upon a time there was a girl who had four boyfriends.

She loved the 4th boyfriend the most and adorned him with riches and robes and treated him to the finest of delicacies. She gave him nothing but the best.

She also loved the 3rd boyfriend very much and was always showing him off to…

asdfghj, thank you, you are wonderful


Why are you in a good mood?C:

Just because of Gibson and school is going good and jhdglkgf life.c: AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BROOKE I JUST WANT TO HUG YOU ND SING SONGS AND GO TO THE ZOO WITH YOU